How to activate AES moodle mobile app

A step by step guide about "How to activate AES moodle mobile app". Please make sure you have app installed on your device, You can download it from android play store or apple play store.

Step: Login

Open the app, It will ask you to enter the username and password. Enter the student moodle username and password and press "Login In"

Step 1 - Login screen

Step: Activate app

After entering a valid username and password, If you have already activated the app, you will login to the app and can access.

In case you have not activated the app, you will see app activation screen. It will ask you to enter the licence key to activate the app. If you don't have a key, you can purchase it from app itself. Click the buy button as per number of student licences you want.

You can click "Help" question mark on the top right corner to read more or have live chat with us. 

Step 2 - App activationScreen 3 - Activation info

Step: Purchase licences

Once you click "Buy" button, it will open "Valedra" page with selected product and quantity. You need to enter the basic information, select the payment method and pay using payment gateway.

The licence key(s) will be sent over provided email address in customer information form, so make sure it a valid email address. One licence will be applicable to one student account only.


Customer information:

Select Payment method:

Pay Now:

Pay using payment gateway:


Get confirmation email:


Step: Activate app

Once you have the licence key, you can paste it into app activation screen and press the activate button. It will link the key with the user and let you access app.

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