AIMC Digital Filmmaking Workshop (Professional)

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With the increase in the audience for short films and online channels, the scope of filmmaking is continuously increasing and it is important to have proper knowledge about all the aspects of filmmaking for developing your own short film or documentary. Filmmaking is something which needs practice for improvement. So, we have designed our courses in such a manner to provide hands-on experience to our students. With the new generation powerful DSLR many interesting opportunities came up for the people with interest in photography and filmmaking and with digital age people with scarce resources can put in their ideas on online channels for the audience to watch.

Get to know the real power of the camera
Learn from the experience of leading experts who have made it big in the filmmaking industry. Become an expert yourself in creating Short Films and YouTube videos by taking your skills to the next level using state-of-the-art-equipment.

Explore your passion.
Learn how to shoot YouTube for documentaries, skits, learning tutorials, music videos, etc. using just your smartphones. Uncover what it takes to take your filmmaking skills to new heights.

Course Highlight

1.Learn insights on filmmaking from professionals
2.A weekend course which makes you a certified filmmaker.
3.Learn how to make expert videos using smartphones.
4.Use state of the art equipment to shoot short films.