Avanti Jumpstart Program for Class VIII-IX-X

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The program focuses on achieving excellence in Maths & Science as per school syllabus and developing strong conceptual foundations for CBSE, NTSE and JSTSE Olympiads and other competitive exams.

We go beyond what is taught in the school textbook and help the students understand the finer points of science and math. The ultimate objective is to build a strong foundation in Maths and Science so that they can take forward to XIth, XIIth and beyond. The program also lays strong focus on practical learning and our classrooms include variety of Hands on Science experiments and activities.

The course helps to ensure that no matter what the student’s starting point is - whether the student is a slow learner or a quick learner - every student has an equal opportunity at clearing the competitive exams and getting into colleges of his/her choice.

Why Avanti Classes?

  • Faculty from IIT/NIT
  • Low fees
  • Doubt clarification
  • Never miss a class
  • No travel required
  • Avanti LMS

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