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‘Explore’-Career Guidance program by ‘Envision India’ Eduservices is designed to orient students towards the world of work. Relevant information to the students at the right time of the development cycle helps them move from the crystallization of career choices to specification and implementation. The aim of the career guidance program is to guide students on the choice of subjects and suitable career choices. ‘Explore’ also provides an opportunity for assessment of aptitude and interests through Psychometric testing. Relating one’s aptitude and interests to the choice of subjects can help one carve out his/her career path. 

Objectives of the program:

    • To introduce students to the concept of Career development and maturity
    • To help them understand the importance of setting Educational and Career goals
    • To help them relate occupational choice with Interest, Aptitude, and Personal style and provide an overview of the importance of each for success in any field
    • To reflect on factors affecting the choices and how to make get the right fit
    • To provide an overview of common careers in different streams and scope
    • To analyze career trends with a national as well as a global perspective
    • To introduce them to goal setting and the importance of working the plan
    • To encourage clarification of doubts through an intensive interactive session
    • Analysis of aptitude and interest through Psychometric Testing and provide options to help make the correct choice 
    • To provide an opportunity for One to One Counseling Session to facilitate the choice of careers and decision making 

About Psychometric Tests 

The tool used by ‘Envision India' Eduservices for measuring the aptitude/abilities of a student is a standardized test that measures and assesses the abilities along with eight different domains. The abilities are quantified and analyzed. The scores are interpreted and represented graphically to present a self-explanatory picture of individual abilities. 
Interest is assessed using a standardized inventory that brings out the interest along with eight different areas. This reveals the main interest areas of the individual which if pursued are likely to lead to success.
A comprehensive profile developed through these tests is the highlight of our career guidance program. One to one counseling sessions with students and parents help in the correct understanding and interpretation of these results. Relevant career information can help students carve his/her own career path.

About Jyotsna Bharadwaj:

Jyotsna Bharadwaj, Director, Envision India Eduservices, has been associated with the field of education for 30 years. She is a consulting psychologist and counselor. She specializes in Life skills training and Career Guidance programs for students. Her career guidance work involves orientation workshops for students and parents on the scope of streams and current trends, psychometric analysis of interest and aptitude, one to one counseling sessions, industry mentorship programs, and career fairs. Thousands of students have been impacted through these programs across the country. She is also a resource person with IIFT, engaged with training programs with the Ministry of Labour and Employment, and with JNV under the aegis of the HRD Ministry. She serves as faculty at the Dept of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education, NCERT.