Step Up Program (Board Exams Preparatory Classes)

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A significant initiative to help school students succeed in their Class 10th CBSE board exams. Titled, Board Exam Preparatory Classes, these Fast Track Refresher Courses are designed to help prepare students to score higher grades in their CBSE Board exams.

Key Features of Program

  • Revision of Full Syllabus of subjects Science and Mathematics for Class10th Students
  • Duration of Program: 2 Months
  • 160 Hrs of Teaching, 5 Days a week
  • 18 Hrs of Mock board papers (6 Mock board paper, 3 for each subject)
  • Detailed paper discussion
  • 20 Hrs of Doubt clearing sessions (Depending on Students query)
  • Online LIVE classes
  • Online Mock Board paper

Batch Starts From 15th February 2021